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Do you need an extension of your e-mail storage space? Do you want to share a single e-mail address with a number of colleagues? Read about the possibilities of e-mail.

Log in to your e-mail

If you are on your work computer, you can access your work mail via Outlook. If you are not at your workplace, you can access it with your ULCN account via webmail.

Shared mailbox

If you want to share a single e-mail address with a number of colleagues, you can apply for a shared mailbox. When your shared mailbox is ready, you can connect it to your Outlook. If necessary, the disk space of a shared mailbox can be extended by 5 GB

Are you working from home? You can reach your shared mailbox through webmail, by clicking on your profile icon on the upper right side.

Storage and archive

As a standard you are issued 1.95 GB of on your work mail. In addition you also have an e-mail archive folder of 10 GB. When your mailbox nears its maximum capacity, you will receive a warning by e-mail. There are a number of ways you can try to avoid exceeding your e-mail storage space: 

  • Keep large attachments to your e-mails on your personal drive and delete them from your mailbox.
  • Archive e-mail to your e-mail archive folder
  • Delete unnecessary e-mails on a regular basis.
  • Empty your Sent and Deleted Items folders on a regular basis.

If your mailbox and archive folder are full and you cannot clean your e-mail box any further, you can apply for an extension of your storage space. The storage space of your mailbox will be extended by 1 GB.


It may be that some e-mails end up by accident in your spam filter, or on the contrary that you receive too much spam in your regular inbox. In both cases you can apply to have your spam filter adjusted.

E-mail distribution list

If you frequently have to send e-mails to a group of people outside the university, you can apply for an e-mail distribution list. By sending an e-mail to this distribution list, you will be sending it to all the list members. 

The e-mail address of a distribution list appears in bold in your Outlook address list under the name of your faculty or unit. 


In addition to your work mail, at the start of your employment you are also issued with an uMail account. The university uses uMail to communicate with its students. In practice, as a staff member you will probably not use uMail much, because all communication takes place via your work mail. Your uMail is automatically forwarded to the inbox of your work mailbox.

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