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Do you need a new desktop or laptop? Does your work require a customised device? We’ve listed all the possibilities below.

Applying for a new desktop or laptop

  • Choice of various desktops or laptops (models)
  • Choice of Windows, macOS or Linux (Ubuntu)
  • University software licences
  • Direct access to various software packages
  • Direct access to personal and shared files
  • Support and management from ISSC

New desktop or laptop

If required, an ICT staff member will contact you about the details of your order and delivery.

Apply for a new desktop

Customised device

Does your work require you to have a second monitor? Do you use a lot of specialised software? If so, you can apply for what you need. If required, an ICT staff member will contact you about the details of your order and delivery.

A selection from the options

A monitor with a different resolution or a second monitor
Compare the ISSC monitors >>
An (ergonomic) keyboard and mouse
A video card, an additional hard drive, additional working memory, etc.
Computer always on (no shutdown)
With the exception of weekly patches and software updates

Special workstation

Do you need an unmanaged desktop or laptop? Please first consult your ICT contact person about additional conditions. Here are some important differences to keep in mind:

  • Operating system of the manufacturer
  • No support or management from ISSC
  • No university software licences
  • No direct access to personal and shared folders

Defective device

Please report any broken computers or laptops to ISSC. Repairs usually take place at your workplace. If the guarantee period has expired (desktops usually have a guarantee period of 4 years, laptops 3), you can ask for your device to be repaired, or order a new one. This incurs additional costs. 

Report a broken computer or laptop >>


It goes without saying that the purchase of ICT equipment is costly. This is why every application must first be approved. All ordered equipment becomes the property of Leiden University. Unfortunately you cannot buy this equipment for personal use. For more information, please contact your IT contact persoon.

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