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(Video) calls and e-mail

To place a conference call or video call within the university you can use Skype or Videoconferencing. If you wish to manage an e-mail account together with a number of colleagues, you can apply for a shared mailbox.


Skype allows you to call via the Internet. You can use Skype for group calls or video calls. You can also use it to chat with colleagues and exchange files. Make sure you don’t share confidential files because Skype runs via American servers.

Skype is installed as a standard on your workplace. You can create an account yourself on the Skype website. To use Skype you need headphones with a microphone and possibly also a webcam. You can apply for these at ISSC.

Video conferencing

If you want to hold a conference call in a meeting room with a number of colleagues, you can use videoconferencing. Not all locations of the University of Leiden are equipped with videoconferencing software. The Faculties of Humanities, Governance and Global Affairs and Social and Behavioural Sciences have their own videoconferencing tools. In addition, for a fee you can make use of the Plexus videoconferencing facilities

Shared mailbox

A shared mailbox is a jointly managed e-mail account and calendar, for example for a department, project or workgroup. A shared mailbox allows you to reach colleagues from your department, team or project group via a single e-mail address. You can select a name of the shared mailbox yourself.

You can apply for a shared mailbox via ISSC. This form can also be used to register any changes to the group management of the mailbox.

Other videoconferencing or e-mail services?

If you find an alternative service allowing you to make video calls or email your colleagues in higher education other than the ones listed here, you may be able to access this service via SURFconext. SURFconext provides access to more than 50 tools and supporting ICT services offered by other parties. You can access these services and tools with your ULCN account. If you use a specific service on a regular basis, you may be able to have this service included in SURFconext. For more information, please contact your information manager.

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