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Online meetings and conference calls

If you want to hold a group discussion, a video conference call or make calls online, the information below sets out the possibilities.

Skype for Business

Skype for Business can be used by anyone within the University. Install the program and get started right away. Skype for Business allows you to:

  • organise Skype meetings via Outlook
  • skype with Skype for Business users inside the University
  • invite people without a Skype for Business account to join a meeting (need help?)
  • host group conferencing, with or without video
  • exchange files (when you are exchanging confidential files, use SURFfilesender instead)
  • share screens
  • chat

Getting started


Just as with Skype for Business, Skype allows you to chat, call and video call online. However, there are a number of important differences, including:

  • No integration with Outlook.
  • No business account, but rather your own personal Skype account.
  • No guarantee that your data is stored on servers in the EU.
    This means that they can be subjected to the Patriot Act and US security agencies can access your data at will. Therefore, ensure you do not exchange any confidential files on Skype. Use SURFfilesender instead.

Getting started

  1. Open the programme on your work computer (Skype is installed by default on your workstation).
  2. Log in with your Skype account or create an account on the Skype website.
  3. If you need headphones with a microphone or a webcam, request them via the Helpdesk portal.

Video conferencing

Video conferencing allows you to hold a conference call with multiple colleagues in a designated meeting room. The following faculties have their own video conference tools:

  • Humanities
  • Governance and Global Affairs
  • Social and Behavioural Sciences 

The other locations do not have video conference software. For more information, please contact your information manager.

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