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Mobile telephony

If you need a mobile telephone or mobile subscription for your work, you should be aware that you will need to fill out different forms for your phone and your subscription.

You can apply for your phone via your telephony coordinator. There are different forms you need to fill out to request a phone or a subscription.

Trouble shooting

The university has signed a contract with T-Mobile for mobile subscriptions. If you experience signal problems you can get in touch with T-Mobile directly.

If you have other questions about your subscription or phone or have lost your telephone’s PIN or PUK number, please contact the ISSC helpdesk. If you have any questions about your phone usage statistics or your data plan, please contact your telephony coordinator.

Forwarding calls

Forwarding a call from your mobile phone is slightly different than forwarding calls from your desk phone:

  • forward calls: *21*0123456789, call button (don't end the number with #)
  • end all forwarded calls: #21, beltoets (no # at the end)

Using data abroad

If you have a standard Leiden University mobile subscription (T-Mobile), you can also call and use the mobile data in EU countries, including Norway, Iceland and Switzerland. If you need an international mobile data subscription for the rest of the world, please request this by using the form 'request for mobile subscription'.

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