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Mobile telephony

If you need a mobile telephone or a mobile subscription or data-only subscription, can apply for it via the helpdesk portal. You can also contact the helpdesk portal if you need to change or cancel a mobile or data-only subscription.

Applying for, changing, or cancelling a subscription

Before you apply for a telephone or mobile or data-only subscription, please consult your telephony coordinator. In the helpdesk portal you can find separate application forms for a telephone, and for applying for, changing or cancelling a mobile or data-only  subscription.


The University has signed a contract with Odido for mobile subscriptions. If you experience signal problems you can get in touch with Odido directly or via a ‘My Odido’ account. We recommend that you create such an account so you can easily access most information, such as your PIN or PUK code. 

If you have other questions about your subscription or phone or have lost your telephone’s PIN or PUK number, please contact the ISSC helpdesk. If you have any questions about your phone usage statistics or your data plan, please contact your telephony coordinator.

Forwarding calls

Forwarding a call from your mobile phone is slightly different than forwarding calls from your desk phone:

  • forward calls: *21*0123456789, call button (don't end the number with #)
  • end all forwarded calls: #21, beltoets (no # at the end)

Using your mobile phone and internet abroad 

  • If your work requires you to make phone calls or use internet abroad, please talk to your telephony coordinator to determine which subscription meets your professional needs and what costs you are allowed to incur. For up-to-date information on the availability of specific services abroad, please consult the ‘Applying for or changing a mobile subscription’ knowledge item in the helpdesk portal.
  • For more information about the various subscriptions, please consult the ‘Applying for or changing a mobile subscription’ in the helpdesk portal or contact your telephony coordinator.

If your telephone gets stolen or lost

  1. Block your SIM card, to prevent any further charges. You can do this 24/7 online via My Odido, or by telephone at 06 24001200 (when calling from abroad: 0031 6 2400 1200).
  2. Apply for a new SIM card via your telephony coordinator.
  3. In case of loss or theft, immediately change all relevant passwords, report the incident to the ISSC helpdesk, and contact your telephony coordinator to agree on follow-up steps. 
  4. Once your telephone is blocked, you need not apply for a new number. You will be sent a blank SIM card. 
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