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Wifi and eduroam

You can surf the internet wirelessly on the eduroam wifi network. All data on the eduroam network is sent encrypted. Through eduroam, you have automatic wifi access at other universities and universities of applied sciences, in the Netherlands, Europe and further afield.

Connect with eduroam automatically

With eduroam you use your regular ULCN username, followed by @leidenuniv.nl. For example: if your ULCN name is 'jansenj', use 'jansenj@leidenuniv.nl' as your identity/username. With the addition @leidenuniv.nl you can automatically connect to eduroam from numerous educational institutions worldwide.

The helpdesk portal explains per device how to connect to the Eduroam network.

Choose your device from the table below to open the corresponding manual.

iPhone or iPad
Android mobile or tablet
Macbook or iMac
Windows PC
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