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Archive management

The Archive Records Act and Archive Decision regulate the storage of information in documents (digital and analogue), information systems and websites.

The University has specified how it implements this legislation and related obligations in the Archive Management Regulations (in Dutch).


The University is legally bound to maintain an archive. In addition, adequate archive management is necessary for our organisation to formulate future policy, ensure continuity and offer legal accountability. It also represents a valuable source of information. 

Your task

We can only keep our archives in order if we all work together. You should therefore make sure that you assign an employee or unit to be responsible for registration and archiving.

If you need help with archiving, please contact the Documentary Information and Archive Management (DIA) department. Our product catalogue (in Dutch) describes how we can support you throughout the archiving process. 

Archive transfer

Formally you should transfer an archive to DIA once it loses its ‘immediate administrative value’. In many cases, this means ten years after you have stopped building the archive. The DIA department follows the statutory norms when deciding what to do with such archives. 

Retention period

There is a statutory period for how long a document must remain available in an archive. At Leiden University, retention periods are set in the basisselectiedocument (in Dutch). If you have any questions about the retention period of your archived documents, please contact the DIA department. 


To support you in your archiving activities, the DIA department has developed a number of manuals. By following the guidelines in the archiefhandboeken, you can keep your archiving uniform, justifiable and efficient. 

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