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Working securely online

As a university employee, you probably work with personal data. How can you make sure this information doesn’t fall into unauthorised hands?

8 simple steps to reduce the risk to privacy

We are all responsible for protecting people’s privacy. It’s your responsibility to process personal data as carefully as possible. Here are 8 simple steps to help you significantly reduce the risk to privacy.

Data leaks

Any loss of control over stored personal data constitutes a potential data leak. In most cases this concerns stolen (or lost) digital files, but a stolen (or mislaid) printed list containing personal data also represents a data leak. You must report all data leaks to the ISSC Helpdesk (tel. 8888). You should also report phishing or other forms of cybercrime

Tools & tips for working securely

The tools & tips for working securely online provide information about how to encrypt files and which programmes are secure, as well as tips, such as that it’s better to use a pass phrase rather than simply a password.

Securing smartphones and tablets

Do you have a personal smartphone or tablet that you also use for work? Learn how to store files securely on your mobile device and protect confidential information.

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