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User name

Do you want to know how your user name was formed, or have you forgotten your user name? The most common user name problems are listed below. If your problem is not among them, please contact an ISSC helpdesk.


If you have forgotten your user name, there are two options for recovering it:

  • Account Services
    If you have registered a non-university email address, you can ask for a new user name without the intervention of a helpdesk. 
  • Helpdesk
    It you are unable or unwilling to use Account Services, you can contact a helpdesk to ask for your user name.

Not received

Please contact a helpdesk.  

Structure of user name

Your user name is generated as follows: family name + initials + filler (e.g.,  grootjjde). The user name has a maximum of 20 characters. Whenever an account name has already been registered, the next account name will be given a sequential number.

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