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Every member of staff at Leiden University is given a ULCN account. You can use this ULCN account to log in to your computer, the wifi network and various other ICT systems.

ULCN log-in details

When you start work at the university, you will automatically receive an email or letter with your ULCN log-in details. You do not need to apply for an account yourself. You will receive your account details at the correspondence address or the (non-university) email address that you have given to the staff administration department.

Activate your account or change your password

After receiving the letter or email, you cannot immediately use your account. Depending on the letter that you receive, you first have to activate your account or change your password. You also need to set your account in the right way so that you can manage your account in future without the intervention of a helpdesk.

Login with additional authentication

With your ULCN login details you log in to university systems and applications. More and more of these systems are improving security with additional authentication, also known as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Leiden. You can only use the system if you confirm your identity in an additional way: with a code or agreement from an app on your phone, or a response to an email message.

Retaining your account if you leave the university

You can make use of your account for 90 days before starting employment up to 60 days after ending your appointment. If you wish to use your account for longer (for example after your pension date), your manager can submit a request via the Service portal.

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