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Synchronising mail and diary

You can synchronise your work mail and diary with your own laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. This allows you to access your email easily including when you are away from your physical workplace.

Laptop en desktop

You can arrange access to your work mail and diary using the email programme on your own personal laptop or desktop. Follow the manuals below to synchronise your work mail.  You are not permitted to synchronise via the Microsoft Outlook app, but you can synchronise via the standard mail programme on your device. 

Make sure that your device is secured properly when you synchronise your email and/or diary.

Operating system Manual
Mobile device (iOS, Android or Windows 10) Email and calendar
Microsoft, Windows Outlook 2007 - 2016
Apple, macOS / OS X Outlook 2016 
Apple mail en agenda
Apple mail voor uMail
Linux Thunderbird mail

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