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The University has two wifi networks: Eduroam and Leiden University. The Leiden University network is also referred to as Leiden University Wireless Access (LUWA). Your ULCN account gives you access to both networks.

Leiden University wifi network (LUWA)

The Leiden University Wireless Access network (LUWA) gives you the easiest access to wireless internet. You can log in from any computer using your ULCN-account. Data that you send via the LUWA network are not encrypted. You need to log in to this network afresh every five days.‚Äč


If you want to use a secure wireless internet connection, Eduroam is your best option. All data transmitted via the Eduroam network is first encrypted. Eduroam also gives you automatic wifi access at other universities and universities of applied sciences in the Netherlands, Europe and further afield. There is no need to log in to the Eduroam network afresh every time you use it.  

Connecting your phone or tablet to eduroam

Find out how to you connect your phone or tablet to eduroam below:

  1. Go to your wifi settings and select eduroam.
  2. Enter the connection settings below, if requested:
    Setting Value
    EAP method PEAP
    Phase 2-verification MSCHAPV2
    Identity or 
    User name


    Password ULCN password

    * This is not your email address, but a combination of your username and @leidenuniv.nl

  3. You may be asked to trust or accept a certificate for the eduroam server: radius.leidenuniv.nl. After trusting the certificate, you are connected to eduroam.

Connecting your laptop to eduroam

You can configure eduroam automatically for your Windows laptop, Macbook or Chromebook with the eduroam cloud installer:

  1. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  2. Go the Cloud installer website. The Cloud installer will detect your device.
  3. Click Joinnow and follow the instructions.

The cloud installer can also be used to connect to eduroam on your phone or tablet. You will find an overview of the manuals per device below:

Device Manual
Mobile iPhone of iPad
Laptop Macbook of iMac
  Linux (Dutch only) and certificate

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