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Remote workplace

Remote workplace gives you access to your University workplace from any location. You can, for example access the files on your personal disc, your email, University information systems such as SAP, Self Service and the desktop of the PC at your workplace.

Please note: if you do not work with SAP or Hippo, it is better to use Office 365. Go to our dossier Working from home.

To be able to access the remote workplace you need an ULCN account. You can use the remote workplace with Windows, macOS and/or Linux.

Open remote workplace

Log-on to your remote workspace.

Open remote workplace

Local settings and automatic log-out

Your remote workplace is not exactly the same as your University workplace.  Local settings such as background images or page numbers are not synchronized. Local printers and network printers are linked to the remote workplace.

If you have been inactive on your remote workplace for two hours, the connection will be broken.  The windows you had open will remain open, so that when you log in again, you will be able to carry on where you left off. After three hours of inactivity, all the open windows will be closed. You then have three hours to log in again and repair them.  After six hours of inactivity, you will lose any work you have not saved.  

Need help?

Do you need some help? Please read information in the helpdesk portal.

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