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Workshop on collaborative learning by Jan Sleutels

During the digital education seminar 'Reflections on 2020 and new perspectives for 2021', we will discuss our achievements in online & blended education. There will be a diverse selection of workshops relevant for anyone involved in education. Senior university lecturer Jan Sleutels will be giving a workshop on collaborative learning.

The workshop by Sleutels is called 'Take advantage of collaborative online learning'. As students lack contact with peers and the daily campus routine when working from home, the social dimension of online learning and teaching is very weak. Sleutels argues that, by utilising team assingments as a substantial component in online teaching, you can facilitate contacts between students, and help them to structure their own learning process, which helps strengthen the social dimension of remote learning. In the workshop, he will share his own experiences with team assignments in three bachelor’s honours courses that I taught over the past couple of months: two larger courses (52 and 85 students) and one smaller course (18 students)

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More information on the digital education seminar 'Reflections on 2020 and new perspectives for 2021' and the workshop by Jan Sleutels can be found on the website of the Centre for Innovation.

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