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eLaw publishes in Nature

Researchers of eLaw, the Center for Law and Digital Technologies at Leiden University, published their research in Nature Machine Intelligence. The publication, written by Eduard Fosch-Villaronga, Pranav Khanna, Hadassah Drukarch, and Bart Custers, focuses on the legal and regulatory implications of surgery automation.

Entitled ‘A human in the loop in surgery automation’, the publication focuses on how the complex interplay between increasingly autonomous surgical robots, medical practitioners and support staff will soon complicate the understanding of how to allocate responsibility if something goes wrong. After mapping autonomy levels for surgery robots, it is explored how this affects the role of humans in highly autonomous robotic surgeries. Understanding the exact role of machines and humans in highly autonomous robotic surgeries is essential to map liability and avoid ascribing or extending responsibility to the surgical robot. 

Nature Machine Intelligence is part of Nature, one of the world’s most-read and prestigious academic journals. This British scientific journal was established in 1869. 

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