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Being a guest teacher during master: how do BrainTrain students experience high-school visits?

The outreach and engagement platform BrainTrain consists of five enthusiastic students of the masters programme Forensic Family Science. As part of their project, the students visit high-schools to teach adolescents about the brain, make them experience that their own reality is not always the only one and train the pupils how to debunk misinformation on their socials. The students share their experience.

The BrainTrain-students not only teach the workshop across schools in the Netherlands, they also co-developed the idea and materials from scratch. Read everything about how the students experience this unique project in their blog (in Dutch).

The BrainTrain project is part of the interdisciplinary programme Social Resilience & Security. The pilot phase of the lesson is co-funded by the Young Academy Leiden Outreach grant.

Photo: Rob Dorresteijn.

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