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Wim Voermans on laser message projected onto Anne Frank House

‘Anne Frank inventor of the ballpoint pen’ was the laser message projected onto the Anne Frank House last Monday. It could be viewed on a video shared via Telegram channel ‘The Laser Nazi Bunker’. The suggestion behind the text was that Anne Frank did not write her diary herself.

Wim Voermans

Wim Voermans, Professor of Constitutional and Administrative Law in Leiden, does see a basis for the criminal prosecution of the people behind the action. 'But there are a few hurdles that have to be taken when it comes to burden of proof.’

'If you take the text projected onto the Anne Frank House literally, there doesn’t seem to be anything criminal to it,’ Voermans says. 'But it looks like a code language is being used, a sort of dog whistle alerting extreme right “ears” to its real meaning. That could be seen as indirect discrimination and incitement to hatred.'

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