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Podcast: Starting a career in Psychology

We talk with Sophia Dittmar about starting a career in Psychology. Dittmar is currently studying the master's specialisation in Economic and Consumer Psychology at Leiden University. We talk about what she learned from her internship, why she switched masters and how to get the most out of an internship. Finally, Dittmar shares how she envisions her future career in Psychology.

In this episode, you will discover what an internship can bring you when starting a career in psychology. Dittmar discusses her internship in market research. How do you get an internship, and how do you choose from all the options? What should you look for? What is possible? Dittmar shares how she shaped her internship to suit her interests and skills and how it influenced what opportunities she sees before her following graduation. Listen and discover the world of Leiden Psychology.

Leiden Psychology Podcast

This podcast series is a special project within the department of Psychology at Leiden University. It gives a platform for people to discuss topics within the field of psychology from different perspectives; the perspective of students, of university staff, alumni, experts, and different researchers. Listen to Sophia Dittmar talk about how she is starting her career in psychology in the latest episode.

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