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AI: the judge of speech

AI can help in the online detection of hate speech, but whether the technology would always make the right choices is debatable. Students Tofigh Hasen Nezhad Nisi (Tax Law) and Terra Rolfe (Governance, Economics and Development, LUC) published an article on this topic in Leiden Science Magazine. In the article, they share knowledge and experience gained during the interdisciplinary minor AI and Society.

Anonymus, online communication and hate speech are a growing issue in our society. Can AI help us in removing hate speech from online platforms? 'The introduction of hate speech detection technology is leading to more fundamental questions concerning the freedom of artistic expression', say students Tofigh Hasen Nezhad Nisi and Terra Rolfe in an article on the subject. Read the article in Leiden Science Magazine.

Leiden Science Magazine is an online science magazine for students, by students. Hasen Nezhad Nisi and Rolfe were asked to contribute to the magazine, following their positive feedback on the Leiden interdisciplinary minor AI & Society.

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