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Podcast: Becoming a Clinical Psychologist

Soon you will have graduated, and then what? Maybe you've been dreaming of becoming a psychologist for years, but don't want to know where to start. In this episode, clinical psychologist and lecturer Sepideh Saadat tells you how to go about it.

In this episode, you’ll learn:  

  • Practical skills needed as a clinical psychologist
  • Descrepancies between studying to become a clinical psychologist and being a clinical psychologist
  • Common misconceptions about landing your first job
  • Benefits of group therapy sessions and individual therapy sessions

And much more!

Leiden Psychology Podcast

This podcast series is a special project within the department of Psychology at Leiden University. It gives a platform for people to discuss topics within the field of psychology from different perspectives; the perspective of students, of university staff, alumni, experts, and different researchers. Listen to Sepideh Saadat talk about her experiences as clinical psychologist.

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