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Sander Hölsgens in NRC about the online game The Elder Scrolls Online

Sander Hölsgens is Assistant Professor, anthropologist and the editor of Gamer.nl. In NRC he talks about his favourite moments in the online game The Elder Scrolls Online. Despite a mediocre start in 2014, the computer game based on the Elder Scrolls series now has an active community of millions of players worldwide. The game's tenth anniversary is being celebrated in the Netherlands with a major event in Amsterdam, where gamers will gather for panels, meet-ups and a display of homemade costumes.

For Sander Hölsgens, ESO is not only a place for casual socialising, but also a platform for strengthening friendships. His memories of Morrowind have led him and his friends to explore the area's storyline together in ESO, leading to unexpectedly deep discussions.

Read the article in NRC (in Dutch).

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