Universiteit Leiden

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Van Steenis

Einsteinweg 2
2333 CC Leiden
071 527 3500

Monday to Friday: 08.00 -19.00 hrs
Saturday and Sunday: closed

Parking for the disabled

Two parking spaces to the right of the main entrance.
Location on the city map


  • The route to the entrance is paved and level.
  • The entrance consists of one automatically opening door and a button-operated door for wheelchair users.
  • There is a ramp to the entrance.
  • The doorway has a summer and winter position (220 cm and 100 cm).


Reception after entering on the right.
071 - 527 3500

Wheelchair-accessible toilets

For the nearest toilet after the entrance, go straight ahead for about 8 m. The toilet is at the end of the second corridor, on the left, diagonally opposite the reception

There is also a toilet next to room E0.0. Through the restaurant, cross large hall, through the double fire door, through the F0 corridor, at the end turn left through the E0 corridor. At the end is a passageway, before the fire door turn right. The middle door is the disabled toilet.


After the entrance approx. 4 m straight ahead. The lift is on the left-hand side.

The levels of the office block and the depot/lab block are not the same, which makes finding the right lift difficult. Please report to reception where you need to be, they will tell you which lift(s) you need.

Possible obstacles

For the visually impaired and wheelchair users, guidance by a buddy is highly recommended:

  • Interior doors must be opened by hand.
  • There are many  small stairs on the first floor, so it is not always possible to choose the shortest route.

Visitors can park in Ehrenfest parking garage (Ehrenfestweg 1).
Employees with parking season tickets can park in the car park under the Gorlaeus Building (Wassenaarseweg 76).

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