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Confidential counsellors and complaints committees

If you have questions or are a victim of unacceptable behaviour, if you have a problem you cannot solve with your supervisor, or if you suspect a violation of academic integrity, you can contact one of the confidential counsellors and/or complaints committees. Students have their own complaints procedures.

Confidential counsellors, supervisor and P&O

If you wish to discuss a complaint or problems arising in your work, your first point of contact is usually your supervisor. If you would prefer to discuss the matter with someone else, you can contact your P&O adviser. There may also be situations in which you would rather contact one of the confidential counsellor directly.

Confidential counsellors

The University has appointed confidential counsellors for various topics and themes. The best person to contact will depend on your question, complaint or problem. More information about confidential counsellors >>

Complaints, appeals and objections committees

The University has appointed a number of committees for complaints, appeals and objections where you can lodge a formal complaint, appeal or objection. More information on complaints, appeals and objections committees >>

Student complaints procedures

There is a separate complaints procedure for students. More information on the complaints procedure for students >>

What applies to whom?

The overview above shows that the University has a number of different regulations, committees and confidential counsellors for employees, students and external parties.* The table below offers a quick overview: what applies to whom?

Type of complaint Complainant Complaint about

Personnel Affairs

Employees Employees

Unacceptable behaviour

Students /
Students /

Academic Integrity

Students /
Employees /
Students /
Current and former employees

PhD candidates

PhD candidates Employees

Malpractice (Whistleblowing)

Students /
Current and former employees
Current and former employees

Student Ombudsman

Students Employees

*The definition of student and employee differs per regulation. See here for full overview >>

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