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Counselling and advice on complaints

It is important to us that you can perform your work in a safe and positive environment. But we know that problems can sometimes arise. You might experience stress, for example, or unacceptable behaviour on the part of colleagues. Or you might have a problem with your manager. If you’d like to speak to someone about this problem in strict confidence, you’re welcome to contact a university doctor or confidential counsellor. But if you’d prefer to lodge a complaint immediately, then you should contact the relevant complaints committee.

Don’t wait too long to ask for advice

If you experience a problem, don’t wait too long to ask for advice. If possible, you should first discuss the problem with your manager, but if you’d rather speak with someone else, you can contact one of our confidential counsellors. If you have a medical or mental health problem, you should contact the university doctor. Anything you say to the confidential counsellor or university doctor will naturally be treated in strict confidence, and they will never take action without your consent.

Complaints committees

If you’re not able to find a solution together, or if the problem is such that you want to lodge a complaint immediately, then the confidential counsellor can help you with this. The University has several committees for complaints, appeals and objections.

Complaints procedure for students

There is a separate complaints procedure for students. More information on the complaints procedure for students >>

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