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Facts and figures

In order to be able to monitor the University’s achievements and provide internal and external accountability, the University makes use of a number of reports, both standard and customised.

A selection of these reports are published via the University’s key figures and annual report. These reports, which are publicly available, contain information on the most important indicators in the field of teaching, research, personnel and finances. Consult the most recent figures (Dutch only)>> 

Internally available reports

Not all reports are publicly available. If you are looking for figures that you cannot find in the key figures or the annual report, please consult e-Reports. E-Reports are the University management information system.

In addition to e-Reports, a number of reports can be accessed in a different way. For more information, please contact the administrative information service department via cijfers@bb.leidenuniv.nl.

Key figures

You will find an overview of the most recent key figures below.

Students 2017
Influx of first-year bachelor’s students 5.688
Participants in Excellence Programme 11%
B-1 contact hours (% study programmes with 12 hours or more) 100%
Influx of master’s students 5.185
     of which master’s students with diploma from abroad 29%
Total number of students enrolled (full-time + part-time + external) 28.106
Satisfaction of bachelor’s students (NSE) 4,1
Satisfaction of master’s students (NSE) 4,0
Diplomas and study performance 2017
Bachelor’s diplomas 3.737
Master’s and post-master’s diplomas 3.989
Non-negative BSA advice in 1st year of bachelor’s 83%
Drop-out rate after 1 year (bachelor’s) 15%
Switching rate after 1 year (bachelor’s) 6%
Re-enrolment return rate in 4 years (bachelor’s) 70%
1-year master’s return rate in 2 years 66%
2-year master’s return rate in 3 years 65%
Research 2017
Number of PhD defences 423
Academic publications 6.094
Research staff in FTE 2.460
Average duration of PhD track 5,3
PhD return rate in 6 years 60%
Employed staff 2017
Total employed FTE (ultimo) 4.193
     academic staff 1.606
     PhD students 774
    teaching and research support staff 440
    other support staff 1.323
% women in senior positions (only academic staff) 31%
% temporary academic staff in government-funded positions 36%
% BKO certificates 93%
Funding (in M€) 2017
Government contributions 337
Tuition fees 64
NWO (incl. Zon MW) en KNAW 52
EU (incl. ERC) 37
Other third parties (incl. contract education) 90
Other income 42
Total income 623
Expenses 614
Net results 4
Work for third parties as percentage of total income 29%

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