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Plant a seed for a greener faculty

10 October was Sustainability Day. And the Faculty of Humanities took part! That day, all employees received a folder with ten sustainability tips for the workplace, as well as a plant card.

Hand-made paper

A plant card is a card made of hand-made paper, in which seeds are embedded. There are cards with poppy & alyssum, forget-me-nots, tomato & carrot, and basil & rocket. You can sow your card immediately, or wait until spring. The folder (printed on Cyclus Print, 100% recycled paper), gives you some tips for a sustainable workplace, plus additional information on separating waste in the faculty.

How do I sow my plant card?

You can sow the card (possibly cut into pieces) in a pot of earth. Place the pot in a bright, sunny spot in your room and make sure it is well watered. If you sow the card in spring, the plants can also be placed outside once they are a little bigger and there is no chance of night frost. Enjoy your flowers and plants!

Ten sustainability tips for your work

  1. Cycle or use public transport
  2. Drink water from your own bottle
  3. Use your own mug for coffee and tea
  4. Away for a short while? Don’t forget to turn off lights
  5. Away for longer? Turn off lights, computer and monitor
  6. Try to print less
  7. Still need to print? Print double-sided
  8. Old paper can be disposed of in the blue paper bins
  9. Put a plant in your office
  10. Try to separate your waste (find out where to separate waste in Leiden and Den Haag)

The sustainable university

Leiden University takes its responsibilities relating to the environment and sustainability very seriously. You can read more about this in the Sustainability Folder.
The Leiden University Green Office (LUGO) has been operational since 2016. Six students are employed here to focus attention on sustainability within the university. Students and staff members who have ideas about improving the environment can share their thoughts with LUGO. The students share more about their activities on the LUGO website and on Facebook.
If you have any questions about sustainability within the faculty, please get in touch with Carola Koetsier.

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