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LUC The Hague - City Deal Kennis Maken The Hague

LUC was invited by the Municipality of The Hague to participate in the City Deal Kennis Maken (‘creating knowledge’). The City Deal aims to boost the solution of societal problems in cities, by involving researchers, teachers and students. In this way, the knowledge and skills available in educational institutions can directly contribute to the city, and the city itself will be a rich educational environment for students.

The City Deal will concentrate on three themes:

  • Creating networks of cooperation between cities, educational institutions, and social partners or residents, focusing on urban themes and problems. Almost all cities with a university are already participating in the City Deal network. Several cities are still in the process of becoming a partner, The Hague is one of them. At this moment, LUC The Hague (and with it Leiden University), The Hague University of Applied Sciences, and Inholland University of Applied Sciences, are working with the Municipality to form a network for the City Deal.
  • Increasing the involvement of students and researchers in the tackling of urban issues. The idea is that mixed teams, consisting of participants from all partners and various levels of education, will work together to solve specific issues or questions.
  • Develop a way to consolidate practices and be able to build on the results of previous projects and teams.

LUC is delighted to be a partner in this network, and sees opportunities for academic staff and students to become more involved in the city of The Hague in various ways. We will keep the LUC community informed of the developments. If you would like to become involved, please contact the Operational Manager Kim Duistermaat.

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