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Staff survey: what do we do with the findings?

The staff survey is due to start on 3 April. We are curious about your opinion on working at the university: what is going well, and what can be improved? We take the findings very seriously. In a series of articles we will show you what we have done with the criticism from the previous survey. This first article is about catering.

The previous staff survey was conducted in 2015 among all members of staff at the university. In all the questions about support services and facilities, catering scored poorly. Following this signal, a number of large and smaller improvements have been made. 

The University Services Department (UFB) set up a panel in which staff and students could give their opinion of the services available within the university. Members of the panel were sent a questionnaire at regular intervals asking their opinion of the university restaurants and cafés, as well as about health and safety issues, the emergency response facilities and other services. 

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The range of products available in the university restaurants and cafés has also changed. Since January 2017 the products are all in line with the Pure concept: more sustainable, healthier and more vegetarian options. And because the Pure products are cheaper, students and staff are encouraged to eat more healthily and to make more sustainable choices. The range was further broadened in January 2018 to include vegan options, such as meals and bread rolls, but also snacks that are free from animal ingredients.

More information on the sustainable Pure concept

Besides the 'green' range, there are also other moves to make the catering more sustainable. As an example, all the university's coffee machines now only provide cardboard beakers. These beakers are made of sustainably produced cardboard and are strong enough to be used multiple times, which will help reduce waste. 

Thirty-five Join the Pipe water taps are being installed at different locations in the university, to encourage staff and students to drink tap water rather than water from disposable bottles. By buying these water taps, Leiden University is also supporting a drinking water project initiated by Join the Pipe in the Madoya slums of  Nairobi, Kenia. And the special drinking water bottles of the Leiden University Green Office is another way that students and staff can make a contribution to reducing plastic waste. 

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