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Accommodation wanted for international students

Do you have an affordable room or other accommodation available straight away? Would you be interested in offering accommodation (possibly temporarily) to an international student studying at Leiden University? If so, please let the University's Housing Office know.

Accommodation hard to find

This year many international students have started a bachelor's or master's programme at Leiden University in Leiden and The Hague. Either with the help of the Housing Office or on their own initiative, most students have now found accommodation in or close to Leiden or The Hague. A limited amount of emergency accommodation is also available in Noordwijk until the end of October. 

In spite of all the efforts, there are still a small number of students who are urgently in need of a room. As a member of staff of the University, you can help. 

It is hard for students to find affordable accommodation in and around Leiden and The Hague, and for international students it is even more difficult. They often haven't yet had time to build a network, while rooms are often found via via. Not only this, adverts are often in Dutch and some student houses are unwilling to accept international students.  

The University does its best to help international students  find accommodation, and is able to mediate with regard to some accommodation. We are also holding discussions with the municipalities in Leiden and The Hague with a view to increasing the availability of rooms. Nonetheless, it is not possible to resolve the shortage of accommodation in the region in the short term. 

Get in touch?

If you have a room/accommodation available immediately for this group of students, you can get in touch with us via email at:  housing@sea.leidenuniv.nl. In the subject line, please state: I have a room available. 

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