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Arsenal under development

Open, light, sustainable and with room for interaction. The renovation plans for the Arsenal are becoming increasingly clear. The designs were recently presented to the employees of the LUCAS and LUCL institutes, who will move into the building after the renovation.

Architect Ernst Hoek designed the new interior of the building, together with Diederik de Jonge. At an information evening, he explained the plans for the renovation to the staff of the LUCAS and LUCL institutes, who will be working in the building once the renovations are complete.  Not much change can be seen on the outside. The fa├žade and distinctive window frames of the building will remain, but the windows will be replaced with more modern ones. Openings will be made in some of the walls in the book tower to allow more daylight into the building and more spaces to be used optimally.

The large patio will be transformed into a place for students to study. Numerous plants will lend a pleasant living environment, while facilities with excellent acoustics will be included. In addition to a pleasing indoor environment, much attention has been devoted to sustainability. Materials will be reused during the renovation and sustainable choices have been made regarding the design. After completion, the Arsenal will be an energy-efficient building, partially because the BREAAM guidelines will be closely adhered to during renovation.

The patios will be flanked by the work rooms. The design for this will, on the one hand, create

transparency and, on the other, allow people  to work in a quiet environment. Two Active Learning Classrooms are planned for the ground floor of the building that look out onto the courtyard. In these rooms, students will be instructed both in a class as well as in a small group setting.

The plan is that the renovation will start in January 2019 and the building will be completed in early 2020. Some of the LUCAS and LUCL employees will then move to their new workplace.

Questions regarding the Arsenal and the Humanities Campus can be addressed to: info@humanitiescampus.n

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