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New photo canvasses in Lipsius

Have you seen them already? The new photo canvasses in the lobby of Lipsius? The old canvasses, with, for example, a mouth with a straw, grass, ballet dancers and a paraglider, have been removed because they are not the kind of images you expect to see in a Faculty of Humanities. A lot of careful thought has gone into the new canvas images have.

Four core themes

In recent months, a project group composed of lecturers, students and support staff has pondered a new interpretation for the photo canvasses: an interpretation that will do greater justice to our faculty, our core values and our diversity.

Following a few brainstorming sessions, they came up with four core themes: Communicating, Concentrating, Reading and Listening. In early September, two proposals were presented online, and everyone was able to vote via a Facebook and Instagram poll. After that, the definitive designs were created based on the most popular proposal. These are now hanging in Lipsius.

The most important tasks of humanities academics

We believe that the new images reinforce the core values of our faculty. Or, as one of the lecturers in the project group put it: ‘On the one hand, this reflects what this age demands of us: diversity, openness and inclusiveness, while this does not happen in a vacuum, but through the most important tasks that humanities academics perform: attentive listening, reading and writing. The very idea that we have combined our tasks with our ideals in these images demonstrates more than the sum of the parts!’

Olivier Fajgenblat, student member of the project group and Faculty Board, added: ‘The designs are a collection of different styles, original images and parodies. The frames make it clear that one object, one fact or one person can be represented in different ways and be presented to the observer. They show exactly what distinguishes the humanities: research on how meaning is created in the world around us.’

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