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‘There's something for everyone at the Education Festival’

The Education festival organised by the Leiden Teachers’ Academy on 1 November offers an enormous range of choices. Everyone can choose something that is close to his or her own teaching practice. Other parts of the festival are a good opportunity to find answers to questions you may have about some aspect of teaching.

Marjo de Graauw (Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences) and Chris de Kruif (Law), joint chair of the Leiden Teachers’ Academy (LTA), are very enthusiastic. The LTA festival will be held on 1 November, and it will be a very special event - for several reasons. 

From a specific theme to an overall approach

Together with the other LTA fellows, De Graauw and De Kruif thought carefully about what kind of education conference they wanted to have. The LTA has previously organised three well-attended conferences on a specific educationial theme. This time they have opted for a more integral approach to innovation in education. De Kruif: ‘As academics, we are all intrinsically innovators, but how do you incorporate this DNA into your teaching?' This led to a very varied programme, where there is something for everyone. The conference will start with an interactive panel discussion about what education can give our academics. 

Hester Bijl
Vice-Rector Hester Bijl will open the Education Festival

Research used in teaching

Education innovators will then get to work in one of the three design labs or draw inspiration from the round table sessions, where colleagues will show how their reserch findings on neuroscience, inclusiveness and group dynamics can be applied in teaching in Leiden. In yet other sessions, persistent education myths will be defused. 'It's going to be a bit different from previous occasions,' De Kruif continued, 'but without losing what makes LTA what it is: inspiration, hands-on advice and exchanging experiences on innovative teaching.’

Questions? Come to the conference for the answers!

De Graauw: ‘Have you got a question that you've been looking for the answer to for a long time? During the Q&A session you can ask our experts and LTA fellows any questions you might have. And if you prefer not to ask your question in public, you can come to the Ask Me Anything café and talk to someone face-to-face. Are there any subsidies available for teaching purposes? This part of my lecture isn't working so well; why is that? What kinds of ICT tools could I use in my teaching? Dr Graauw does advise everyone to come prepared. 'Look at the programme and think in advance what you want to get out of the conference. Bring that exam with you that you want to ask about; write down anything you want to know.  This is your chance!'

Networking is what it's about

The festival is part of Learning@LeidenUniversity, the University's vision on teaching and learning. All kinds of elements that are included in this vision are featured in the conference; issues such as innovation in teaching and orientation towards society.  

De Kruif is very certain that the environment for teachers and students has changed radically. Lecturers and students enter into a mutual relationship. They are not two isolated worlds: a student is likely to be your future colleague, the person who assesses your work as a committee member, someone under whom your students do an internship or the journalist that you call about your research.  The university is what brings us together, from day one! 

The festival is also a great opportunity to work on building your own academic network. 

Come to the conference: there are reasons enough!

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