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Warm Sweater Day 15 February

Time to put on a warm sweater: on Friday 15 February the temperature in many University buildings in Leiden and The Hague will be set to 16 degrees centigrade for a day. As usual, the University is taking part in Warm Sweater Day.

Warm Sweater Day is a national initiative that draws attention to saving energy. If we all become more aware of the energy that we use, we can help protect the environment. The Leiden University Green Office and Green Keys are seizing on Warm Sweater Day to organise a week full of activities on sustainability. During Sustainability Week there will be lectures, workshops and a film night on a whole host of sustainable initiatives.  

Participating buildings

The heating will be turned down in the following buildings:

🌱 Kamerling Onnes 
🌱 Reuvens 2
🌱 Plexus Student Centre 
🌱 University Sports Centre
🌱 P.J. Veth
🌱 Johan Huizinga
🌱 Lipsius
🌱 P.N. van Eyckhof
🌱 Van Wijkplaats
🌱 Matthias de Vrieshof
🌱 Gorlaeus Lecturehall
🌱 Gravensteen
🌱 Pieter de la Court
​​​​​​​🌱 Oude UB (Rapenburg 70)

On the day itself posters and information screens in the buildings will remind everyone why the premises are that bit colder than usual.

Don't miss it

Don't forget to tell your fellow students and colleagues to put on a warm sweater on Friday 15 February! If we all know it's happening, we can all come prepared and get together over a mug of hot chocolate - with or without whipped cream. Share your Warm Sweater Day moment on social media with #warmetruiendag or #warmsweaterday!

Sustainability Week programme

Take a workshop in sustainable cooking, learn how to grow mushrooms in coffee grounds or a go on a bike tour that takes in sustainable companies, restaurants and cafés. During Sustainability Week the Leiden University Green Office and Green Keys will get you thinking about sustainability in various different ways.

See the full programme for Sustainability Week 

Follow the Leiden University Green Office on Facebook or Instagram 

Photo Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

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