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Lectures to start and finish at the same time in all faculties

With effect from September 2019 the lectures in almost all programmes and faculties at Leiden University will start and end at the same time. The LUMC will introduce the new daily schedule from September 2020.

With the introduction of the new schedule, the times that appear in University timetables will be the actual starting and finishing times of lectures. The former practice in Leiden of starting lectures 15 minutes after the official starting time (the Leids Kwartiertje) has thus been incorporated in the timetable. Lecturers will be able to arrive 15 minutes in advance to prepare for their lecture. The new daily schedule also makes it easier for students and lecturers to follow and teach courses outside their own programme, which was one of their wishes.

Teaching blocks and teaching hours

In the new schedule, the day is divided into teaching blocks and teaching hours. The LUMC will start using teaching hours in September 2020, and the Faculty of Science will start using these in the afternoon in September 2019.

Various proposals

The Daily Schedule project group, which is part of the Harmonisation of Educational Logistics programme, has spent the past few months harmonising the University’s schedule. This was at the request of the Executive Board. Over the course of the project, various proposals were developed in greater detail and evaluated by students and staff. Student member of the Board of the Faculty of Humanities, Olivier Fajgenblat, is a member of the steering committee of the programme. ‘The strength of the programme is that it began with lots of discussion sessions with students,’ he explains. ‘What emerged from these served as a basis for the rest of the project. Rather than being a cliché, from the student perspective forms the very backbone of the work.’

Daily schedule

Having considered all the different interests, the Executive Board has decided to adopt the following daily schedule.

Vice-Rector Magnificus Hester Bijl is pleased with the new schedule: ‘Its strength lies in its simplicity: students and lecturers will no longer have to look up a specific schedule. A common schedule will also make it easier to share rooms and follow programmes at other faculties.’

Larissa Baas is following two programmes – Law and Public Administration – which can make the current schedule difficult to navigate. ‘Certain lectures and work groups overlap, which makes it harder to follow programmes at two different faculties. My lectures won’t overlap anymore with the common schedule, which will make it much easier for me to plan my day. At the moment, this can be difficult because the day is structured differently at the different faculties.’

 A common University schedule will help resolve other logistical problems that are being addressed within the Harmonisation of Educational Logistics programme. You can find more information on the staffmembers site. If you have any questions about the above, please contact the programme team at harmonisatieprogramma@leidenuniv.nl.

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