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University election results

The results of the 2019 University elections have been announced. New representatives will be joining almost all participation bodies – faculty councils, staff committees and the University Council.

From 8 to 11 April, all students and staff were able to vote for their participation bodies. In some of these bodies – the University Council, for instance – only the student section changed. And for others, the number of candidates was equal to or lower than the seats available, which rendered voting unnecessary.

Voter enthusiasm differed greatly, from leader Student and Educational Affairs with a turnout of 68.5% to the Faculty of Science with a turnout of 19.3% for the student section of the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Science. It would seem that the smaller sections of the University where everyone knows everyone else managed to mobilise the most voters because Administration and Central Service and the ICT Shared Service Centre both had a turnout of above 50%.

Of the faculties, the Faculty of Social Sciences scored highest with a staff turnout of 38.4% and Governance and Global Affairs with a student turnout of 29.1%. All in all, the student turnout was higher than the staff turnout.

The University Council was a case apart. Here the election was only for the student section – a turnout of 21.5% – but as with the national elections, it was a case of extreme fragmentation: six student parties have taken the eight student seats in the Council. 

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