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Relocations and renovations Humanities Campus

In the coming year, several relocations will take place in order to be able to continue offering education on the campus. Due to renovations of the premises of the Humanities Campus, it is inevitable that departments, facilities and institutions will have to move in the meantime.

In the summer of 2020, the renovation of the Van Eyckhof/Van Wijkplaats buildings will start. Because a lot of lectures take place in these buildings, it is necessary to create more room for education in the Lipsius building. As a result, the faculty board and part of the faculty office will temporarily move to the Reuvensplaats. The advantage of the current relocation plan is that education can continue on the campus. As a result, however, lectures will have to take place at the end of the afternoon (17 to 19 hours) more often. 

The departments that will leave the Lipsius building in the autumn are:

  • The Faculty Board
  • The secretariat of the Faculty Office
  • The Management Support departement
  • The Financial and Economic Affairs department
  • The HR departement
  • The Communications departement

The Student Affairs Department will stay located in the Lipsius building and the Information Management and Facilities will stay located in the PJ Veth building.

Because of the renovations in the Lipsius building, a number of internal relocations will also take place, and the computer facilities for students, the press room and the area for the Journalism and New Media programme, among others, will be relocated.

The relocations and renovations schedule is as follows:

Period Relocation Renovation
third week October 2019 Fac. Board and –office to Reuvens  
November 2019 Internal relocation (Academic Language Centre and Student Affairs among others) Start internal
renovations Lipsius building
March 2020 LUCAS to Arsenaal  
May/June 2020 Fac. Board and –office to Huizinga  
June 2020 LUCL to Reuvensplaats  
summer 2020 23 extra lecture halls in Lipsius building Start renovations
Van Eyckhof/Van Wijkplaats
2022 LIAS to Van Eyckhof/Van Wijkplaats  



Any questions? Send an email to hc-info@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

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