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Digitale leeromgeving/Blackboard in 1e semester 2019-2020

The Digital Learning Environment (DLO) consists of Blackboard and several other (external) programmes. This past summer Blackboard has been upgraded to a new edition, which has fixed some functional- and security-issues.

All Blackboard courses for the next semester are now available. Because of technical reasons you cannot use Internet Explorer for Blackboard any longer. Please use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari instead.

Strictly complying with the copyright regulations remains important: please stick to the rules!

Since last  year, a new Reader Agreement is in effect. Most important is to prescribe as much literature as possible that is available in the University Library, to link to materials e.g. in the University Library‚Äôs catalog, or to legal websites that contain content in public domain or in open access, instead of posting the materials in Blackboard. Alternatively, materials not in the UBL can be offered to students via Reader Online. Thus, high costs for your Institute can be avoided. The new GDPR laws dictate that you are no longer allowed to, for example, upload lists with grades on Blackboard. Please switch from SafeAssign to Turintin. More information.

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