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Renovated Social Sciences Library officially open

With a resolute gong beat by Kurt de Belder, University Librarian and Director of University Libraries, the completely refurbished and updated Social Sciences library was opened officially on Tuesday 3 September. The opening of the library took place during the opening of the academic year at the Social and Behavioural Science faculty.

There are 210 new study spots in the new library for students, 60 of which are equipped with desktop PCs. Every study spot is equipped with its own power outlet and USB charging hub, at which you can charge almost every device. Visitors of the library can also use the powerful university Wifi network. Requested books will now be delivered at the new book lockers, making sure that students can pick-up books even when the library is closed. 

The amount of books on display at the library has been brought back to 400 meters – 12.000 books – in order to create more space for study spots. Most of the books no longer on display are now kept at the University Library. If you need one, you can always request it via the catalogue. The collection at the Social Sciences library now consists of the most sought after titles and, notably, a selection of the newest and most up-to-date literature. From now on, all books are shelved by the Library of Congress Classification system, placing books on the same subject together.

The library was also furnished with a lounge space where one can peacefully read a journal or magazine. This space is located directly beneath newly installed skylights, providing ample light for reading. During the installation of the skylights, the roof of the library was covered with a green moss-sedum roof.

Take a look at the new Social Sciences Library

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