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First batch of PMD recycled

It is a milestone in waste management at the University: the first batch of PMD waste (plastic packaging, metal and drink packs) collected in the orange waste containers has been recycled. This concerns a total of 7.5 metric tons of PMD.

In February, Leiden was the first university in the Netherlands to introduce PMD recycling. Since then, the waste processor has manually checked each PMD bag for contamination. Bags with excessive contaminants, such as coffee cups, are disposed of with the residual waste. Approved bags are taken to a depot, where they are compressed and transported in bulk to the sorting plant.

The University will take further steps in future to reduce the number of contaminants in the PMD flow. The main contaminants are coffee cups, cardboard and polystyrene. Coffee cups have their own waste flow and should be disposed of in the containers with black lids. Cardboard should be disposed of with paper. If you have polystyrene waste, please make an appointment with the Service Desk. And don’t forget: if in doubt, use the residual waste container.

Your opinion counts!

Do you take recycling and reduce waste as seriously as the University does? Then why not volunteer for the Leiden University Panel? You will be periodically asked to complete a survey in which you can give your opinion of the services at the University. One of the topics of the next survey is recycling and waste at the University.

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