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Studying is less hassle with Brightspace

Many students have already started using Brightspace, the new learning environment. How are they finding it? Two students, Jelle Kremers and Simone Scholte, share their experiences. ‘Brightspace is what you would expect of a modern university.’

Clearer, faster, easier, more tools: for Jelle and Simone, the advantages of Brightspace are obvious. As of next academic year, all courses will be in Brightspace, but during the current transition phase, both students have courses in Brightspace and Blackboard. Law student Jelle flips open his laptop in the Kamerlingh Onnes Building and compares the two systems. The layout and use of photos make Brightspace look more modern and appealing. More importantly, the blocks make for a much cleaner design.

Information easier to find

Jelle gives an example. If you are ‘deep’ in a course in Blackboard, you can’t just switch at the click of a button to another course or announcement. In Brightspace, however, you can quickly switch to other sections and can leave multiple tabs open. Simone, who is studying Film and Literary Studies, agrees. If you ask her, Blackboard can be a bit of a maze. ‘You can’t get lost in the system in Brightspace.’ That saves your time and nerves. The most important announcements are at the top and information is provided in a more structured and uniform fashion. This makes it much easier to find.

Faster uploads

Assignments are much quicker to upload too, says Simone. This is also an advantage for lecturers: if they want to upload videos, for instance. Simone and Jelle think this will make lecturers more likely to use these kinds of extras. 

Automatic link

Both students are also pleased with the automatic link between uSis and Brightspace, which means that they only need to enrol on courses in one place – uSis. Simone: ‘Brightspace is what you’d expect of a modern university. Studying is less hassle.’ Bring on next academic year when all courses will be in Brightspace.

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