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Twenty lecturers awarded Senior Teaching Qualification

It was time for a celebration in the Faculty Club on 11 December. Twenty driven lecturers were awarded their Senior Teaching Qualification by Vice-Rector Magnificus Hester Bijl.

From Old English to Internal Medicine: the lecturers come from many different disciplines. But they all share a passion for teaching. Twenty lecturers spent the last year working on their portfolio to qualify for the Senior Teaching Qualification (SKO). This is a qualification for lecturers who play a leading role in the development and innovation of the teaching at curriculum level, so beyond the limits of their own discipline.

The chair of the SKO assessment board, Miranda van Eck, praised the quality of the portfolios. ‘You have shown that you not only are good lecturers, but also act as a mentor for your colleagues by helping them with their teaching questions or inspiring them with teaching innovation.’

Inspiring and committed

Vice-Rector Magnificus Hester Bijl, whose portfolio includes teaching, addressed the lecturers who were present. ‘It’s fantastic to award so many SKO certificates. For me as Vice-Rector, for you obviously, but also for our university. Because good teaching is nothing without inspiring and committed lecturers. And that applies to every single one of you.’

Bijl was also pleased to see the goals from the University’s Vision on Teaching and Learning reflected in so many areas in the portfolios. ‘For instance, lecturers who let students work on research in the first week of a course already, lecturers who use new tools such as virtual reality or lecturers who vary their approach, adjusting it to our diverse student population.’ The lecturers were individually presented with their certificates by Bijl. This was not only a reward for having completed their portfolio but also confirmation of their expertise.

A series of interviews with lecturers who have recently been awarded their SKO certificate will follow in January and February. What does this qualification mean to them? And what makes them so passionate about teaching?

An impression of the SKO award ceremony

Photos: Eelkje Colmjon

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