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From now on, only electric vehicles for Leiden University

At the start of this year, Leiden University's complete fleet of vehicles was replaced with electric models. The white vans, recognisable from the University logo and the green leaf on the side, are 100% electric and have zero CO2 emissions. These vehicles will save the University 10 tons of CO2 a year.

Making the fleet of vehicles more environmentally friendly and reducing its size was the second stage in the objective to reduce the environmental pollution from University vehicles. Last year, the University already reduced its CO2 emissions by 65% (28 tons a year) on deliveries of selected products across the whole University by introducing a distribution hub.

Before this, suppliers would make several trips a week to different locations, each time with just a small delivery. Since early 2019, they make all the deliveries to a Mini Hub, located in the Willem Einthoven building, after which the deliveries are included in the regular post deliveries. This saves CO2 and reduces traffic in the city centre. 

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