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Dean Mark Rutgers on the corona crisis: ‘Take care of one another’

In response to the coronavirus outbreak, Mark Rutgers has a message for all staff members at the Faculty of Humanities,.

Mark Rutgers

Dear staff members,

On behalf of the Faculty Board, I'd like to extend my admiration for how everyone is handling this challenging situation. This is not a circumstance we have been able to practice for.

I want to start by saying that everyone's health is our highest priority. Take good care of yourself and your family, colleagues and students. Follow the health guidelines from the government and keep an eye on the university website Updates coronavirus for the latest information about university policy and for tips and tools for working at home and remote teaching. 

I'd like to give thanks to all staff members who have put their shoulders to the wheel these weeks. It's incredible to see how, in a few days' time, entire websites and online teaching materials were created. How remote working has been taken up en masse, often certainly not easy with kids at home from school and daycare. My respect and admiration extend to those who have helped each other and have solved problems. This situation requires a lot of flexibility from all of us and we should be proud of one another. 

I understand this is a difficult situation, and that disappointment and frustration dominate, but it's important that we keep our spirits up. Support the people around you, take care of the people that have extra work on hands. See if you can assist someone. And also don't forget to rest, because it is a lot at once and perfection is not the aim. The Faculty Board and the University Crisis Teams are doing everything in their power to keep things running during these unprecedented times and to keep you informed.

Let's take care of ourselves and one another. With our combined efforts, we will get through this.

On behalf of the entire Faculty Board,

Best wishes,

Mark Rutgers

Dean of the Faculty of Humanities

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