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Join staff and students on the World Archaeology Minecraft server

The VALUE Foundation has found a creative way to let staff and students connect on archaeology, albeit remotely. Witness the launch of the VALUE Heritage Minecraft server!

We hope you people are ready to build some heritage because there is A LOT of space to do it. Here we will provide details for the VALUE Heritage Minecraft server, as well as a description of the map, useful tools, and some rules and guidelines. 

First things first, to access the server log in to your Minecraft account, go to multiplayer, add server and use this address: worldarchaeology.apexmc.co. The Minecraft version we are using is 1.15.2.

For the World Archaeology server, we are playing on a Minecraft version of earth! The earth is 1:1000. The map we are using comes is a modified version of this map! In the server players are allowed to teleport to any location of the earth they want. To get the coordinates of the location you want to teleport to please use this website and make sure that you have chosen the option 1:1000 for the map! Also, a round of applause for dr. Angus Mol who spent a ton of time digging into the code to make sure that everything works smoothly! 

We are encouraging you to group up and create built heritage around the world on its original location! From Huey Teocalli to the Wall of China and from Stonehenge to Chichen Itza, build whatever you like! 

To communicate on builds and projects we have created a Discord server. In the Discord server you can find the rules and guidelines for the server. 

The server currently has a capacity of 25-30 concurrent players. If we get more traffic, we will upgrade it. The server is primarily for students from the Faculty of Archaeology and the Leiden University Center for Digital Humanities, but if you want to bring a friend along feel free!

This Minecraft Nile Delta is waiting for you!
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