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Meanwhile, at the Faculty...

As a consequence of the corona crisis, many staff members have now moved their desks home. But there are still some staff members at work inside the faculty buildings. What is this like for them?

A new story every week

During social distancing, we will share stories of staff members of the Faculty of Humanities that continue to keep things running inside the faculty buildings.

Mohammed Rbii

Mohammed Rbii, Relocation Coördinator WSD Complex

'Relocations will continue as usual, so I'm currently relocating offices from the Van Eykhof and Van Wijkplaats buildings to the new Arsenaal building, together with General Services. I'm responsible for coordinating all internal relocations within the WSD Complex. It's a surreal experience to walk through the empty corridors, the Faculty is practically deserted now. For me, it's a double feeling. On the one hand I'm glad I can still work, having to stay at home is not for me. On the other, it's a little scary because I'm in contact with people and I don't want to infect my family at home. But we do stick to the rules; we keep our distance, and we don't drink coffee inside anymore, we do that - with one and a half meters distance - outside in the sun. Relocating is easy now, in this stillness. Although I do miss the students and staff. But I like to be busy and luckily I still am. As long as it'll be possible, we'll do our thing.'

Thomas Vorisek

Thomas Vorisek, Video Coordinator Education

As part of the Online Learning Expertise Centre (ECOLe), I am involved in the organisation of web lectures. Because the equipment for recording the weblectures is at the faculty, I still work in the P.J. Veth building. It's mental at the moment in our department, since everyone has switched over to online education. But in all the hustle and bustle, we stay in good contact with each other. If we notice that there might be a gap somewhere, we ask: who can jump in? Or we ask someone from another department for help. It's surreal to work in a closed faculty, but I don't mind it. I try to stay in contact with colleagues as much as possible. Sometimes we have a team lunch on Teams, to chat about things beside work for a bit. That helps enormously. You truly notice that the work we do is important right now, you have a feeling of contribution. It's great to have a content lecturer on the phone who is happy with the support we provide.'

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