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Fancy uploading a quarantine lecture?

The University of the Netherlands in collaboration with the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) is giving all university lecturers the opportunity to upload a lecture to a YouTube channel that has been created for these ‘quarantine lectures’.

Anyone can watch these lectures. The idea is that lecturers upload a video in which they cover the key points of their course. This is of particular use to students wanting to go through the main points of the course material before an exam.

The lectures are simple in structure: the lecturer gives their lecture from their sitting room, study or garden. They do so in anything from six to sixty minutes.

Various lectures have already been uploaded. Below is one of the lectures in the series: ‘What is computer science?’ by Leiden Associate Professor of Computer Science, Felienne Hermans.

Felienne Hermans: Psychology of programming (25 min.)

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