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Thoughtful Thursday

On the third day of our Online Well-being week, the focus was on the concept of mindfulness, therefore the name ‘Thoughtful Thursday’.

How do you deal with stress?

We started the day again by opening the conversation with you guys. On our Instagram (@leidenuniversityfgga) we asked you how you calm yourself down if you feel stressed out. Some answers we received were very relatable and helpful. For instance; painting and drawing, taking a walk while listening to blasting music through your headphones, and meditate. 

Besides asking you the question on how to destress yourself, we also came up with some new ideas for you to do or see how much you did already! With our mindfulness quarantine bingo, we gave you the opportunity to map out whether you already got that good night of sleep or for instance took a break from technology/social media. Haven’t you done that yet? Try it out!

Combining mindfulness with your digital devices

On this day we also shared with you some app tips you can download on, for instance, your phone to help wind you down or create a new thoughtful habit. 

The app tips we provided you with are:
- Ten percent happier meditation
- Simple habit meditation
- Calm
- Headspace meditation and sleep

All of these apps are focused on giving you a relaxed and stress-free feeling. Go check them out, also when you do not currently feel stressed. After all: Prevention is better than cure. 

Live mindfulness session

Mindfulness is a way of scanning your body to become relaxed and stop fears and worries. By drawing attention to your body and thoughts, you are more in the moment. By bringing your constant flow of thoughts to hold, your body gets more relaxed. On thoughtful Thursday, we offered a live mindfulness session for you to try this type of mindfulness philosophy out yourself. The session was offered through a Kaltura live room for everyone to join from within their own homes. 

With today's quote we try to give you some food for thought on how it can give you more inner peace if you are conscious of the way you live your life.

"The art of peaceful living comes own to living compassionately & wisely."

- Allan Lokos

We hope you tune in for the last day of the Online Well-being week which is al about feeling good! Please follow our social media channels (see the right side of this page) to be a part of the Online Well-being Week. 

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