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Feel Good Friday

The last day of the Online Well-being Week was focused on feeling good! Below follows an overview of what this day entailed.

What makes you happy?

Thus, for feel-good Friday we opened the conversation by asking you via our Instagram account (@leidenuniversityfgga) what makes you happy? We noticed that some of you guys feel happy when your loved ones feel happy. Others answered that they like to dance and read to lose track of time to feel good.

Live stream with Dr. David Zetland

On the last day of the Online Well-being Week, we also had an interview via a live stream between one of our students and professor Dr. David Zetland. 

David Zetland is a lecturer at Leiden University College, host of the Jive Talking Podcast, a published author and expert in political economy. We interviewed him about wellbeing, health and self-reflection in midst of the coronavirus pandemic. He highlights how we are faced with the challenge of adapting to the new situation we find ourselves in today- readjusting our way of seeing the world around us. He emphasizes that, in order to stay healthy and sane, we need to focus on what we have control over instead of what we don’t which allows us to be more emotionally stable. He enjoys teaching and woodwork, keeps his living space tidy as well as calls with family and friends face-to-face rather than texting. He believes that the first step to coping with the situation is to surrender to our reality which allows us to put things into perspective. He also advises us to compartmentalize our life, separating work and studying hours from other daily activities such as hobbies or going on a run. Taking time to remember each other and getting in touch can go a long way in supporting each other and not feeling alone. Regarding self-reflection, the umbrella theme of this Wellbeing Week, he currently finds passive forms of self-reflection to be more effective than digesting big, overwhelming themes such as climate change and overconsumption. He suggests reading old journal pages, scrolling down or flipping through old pictures, writing a short story, etc. Instead of keeping busy with the daily news, social media feeds and work, losing ourselves in our emotions, creativity and imagination will help us reflect and make connections with thoughts that we would rather miss on.

Healthy University @ Home

As you guys mentioned; it can make you happy to see that your loved ones are happy. But how do you stay in touch with them? We like to refer to the page of Healthy University @ Home which gives several tips on how to stay in touch with loved ones, colleagues, and students, such as:

  • Mail someone a compliment, or send flowers, a card, or something else. 
  • Keep working together with fellow students and colleagues. You can do this with various digital tools: set up online meetings or study together online, have a digital lunch or a digital coffee break, or start one of our online courses together and evaluate what you have learned afterward.
  • Do something fun together online: perhaps playing a game, sharing photos or watching television together

We also gave you some help with regards to complimenting the people around you. On our Instagram account, we shared a template where you could fill in a compliment for someone you admire and send it to them. 

“Use your voice for kindness, your ears for compassion, your hands for charity, your mind for truth, and your heart for love”

Today we picked a quote that makes you think about how to spread positivity and joy. Start off the weekend by taking this quote as an example and make the best out of it! 

This was the last day of our first Online Well-being Week, we hope you enjoyed it!

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