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Bart Barendregt Scientific Director CADS

As per 1 June, Bart Barendregt is Scientific Director of the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology.

Barendregt is the successor of Cristina Grasseni, who was the SD of the institute since 2017. The Institute Board is responsible for all matters concerning the Institute. 

Barendregt is part of CADS since 2001 and since the start of this year, he is assigned professor by special appointment with a new chair Anthropology of Digital Diversity. Bart has an interest in popular and digital culture and has published on Southeast Asian performance, new and mobile media, and (Islamic) pop music.

Institute Board CADS

Besides Barendregt the IB is composed of Marja Spierenburg as Director of Research and Director of Graduate Studies, Jan Jansen as Director of Teaching, and Jentje Zaal as student member.

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